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Stadtporträt Kierspe

Town of Kierspe

Kierspe is a small town situated in the South-West of North Rhine-Westphalia, close to the Rhine. Kierspe has grown vigorously these last three decades.

The town has an area of 72 km² with about 16.120 habitants. It is situated in the South of a region called Märkischer Kreis which – with its 15 towns and more than 420.000 inhabitants – belongs to the most populated regions in Germany.

Kierspe is very hilly at an altitude between 551 and 280 meters. 80 per cent of the town’s territory belongs to a nature reserve, which is called Ebbegebirge. Forests and small lakes surround the town, which was developed in the 10th century.

Foto: © Stadt Kierspe

Today Kierspe presents itself as

  • a town with a strong business and industrial structure. Almost two thirds of the population work in manufacturing. Plastics Processing predominates.
  • a town with a dense road network, located on the national roads B54 and B237. The highways A45, A4, and A1 are 8 km, 21km, and 33 km away from the town. So, you can move quickly to major cities like Cologne, Bonn, Duesseldorf, Essen, and Dortmund in the Ruhr Area.
  • a town with vast opportunities for education - 4 primary schools, a full-time comprehensive school with a high school section, a music school and an adult education centre.
  • a town with spacious sport fields and recreation centres including an indoor swimming pool, a golf course, a horse ranch and a motor ball area.
  • a town with many social institutions - 2 youth centres, 7 kindergartens and a social welfare station.
  • a town with a strong musical tradition and lots of associations and clubs. More than 40 per cent of the population are members of a sports club.
  • a town where people like to celebrate festivities, e.g. clay-pigeon shooting and funfairs. There is always an occasion to get together. Even the carnival that is popular in the Rhine area has already acquired its followers.
  • a town that offers natural charm and calmness.

Briefly, Kierspe offers good working conditions, housing, education, and recreation. We invite you to come and visit us. We want you to feel well and would like to see you true to the motto:

“Good-bye you all, I’m going to Kierspe”

You have questions?

You would like more information about Kierspe? Then feel free to get in touch.